Claudia Da Rin

Seasons of the soul – your journey to Holbox

 Restoring your natural harmony

From Vivaldi to Poussin, Chagall to David Hockney, along with countless poets and writers in the history of mankind, the Four Seasons have inspired artists and composers to craft masterpieces, following the impulses and sensations driven by the natural elements.
Too often, sadly, we find that our lives, marked by events of a various nature, impose drastic alterations to our emotional balance and rhythm. Enveloped by busy schedules and often too concentrated on external appearances, we forget to stop, breathe and reconnect with our inner self.
In the heart of exceptional Holbox, a fabulous island in Mexico, you will find a place that aims at restoring your natural harmony, giving us a purpose and driving us towards a better idea of who we are: Ser Casasandra

1. Welcome to Paradise – Holbox

Do you know what life really is, what it feels to sense the power of living here and now? Much too often our thoughts and actions feel arid, aimless, as if our choices were made by someone else. If you want to reconnect with the idea of combining art, culture and spirituality and regain consciousness of your real self, the dream island of Holbox comes right up your street. North of the Yucatan peninsula, Holbox is a worry free place where nature regains its power, a real Caribbean paradise where the line of the horizon bedazzles viewers, the sea and the sky mingling and becoming one, delivering memorable views.

In this protected natural reserve you will find many species of birds, such as flamingos, pelicans, seagulls and cormorants, adding a spot of colour to your experience, but also turtles, crabs and manatees. You could also swim with friendly whale sharks or experience the dazzling colours of bioluminescent water at night. Whether you’ll explore the island on a bike or just lazy around on the beach, the scent of the sea that permeates the surroundings will add serenity and harmony towards a journey of love

2. A sundowner for your dreams

Starting from the idea that the seasons are dictated by the earth’s position towards the sun, affecting the climate that characterises every month, we can understand how the warmest star on the globe rhymes with life. We can all enjoy the warm rays on our skin or enthuse in front of a spectacular sunset  - head to Punta Coco, once on Holbox, for an unforgettable one – but it’s important to reflect on the idea that the seasons influence our soul and mood.  Going one step beyond consciousness programmes, Seasons of the Soul at Ser Casasandra aims at exploring one’s own energetic mental patterns, the aim to break free from beliefs that may hinder our personality, our consciousness and who we really are.

Conceived to explore one season at a time, winter is associated with purification, spring with attention, summer with recognition and autumn with awakening. A series of activities and programmes feature in every season, from water therapy to cacao ceremony, Craniosacral therapy to sunset meditation, crystal mind or body flow wellness programmes to yoga sessions; peace of mind and inner harmony are at the core of these plans, a way of enriching your soul, liberating yourself and rebooting your energies.

3. A life-changing journey with a purpose

Listen to yourself and learn to identify the obstacles that hinder your peace of mind: a journey with purpose, focusing on our existence in the present, aims at shaping a novel idea of who we really are. Breaking free from old patterns, modifying our beliefs, taking responsibility for our choices and gaining a higher consciousness are all powerful concepts that will be explored during your stay at Ser Casasandra. The journey is organised in collaboration with the Ahal Holistic Centre: “ahal” means awakening in Mayan and this is exactly what will happen. This enriching experience will make you change your perspective and the way you see yourself. By purifying your body, you will revive your consciousness and spirituality, each therapy tailored to your interests and needs.  Start listening to your body and your journey of rediscovery will commence.

Habiramy | CEO: Ser Casasandra, founder of Neutral News, first paper in Holbox and Dharma Global, first latin american platform dedicated to promote spiritual growth. Visual Artist, writer, speaker and therapist of “A course in miracles”. She has participated in mayor spiritual events across the globe and she has collaborated with Juan Miguel Sanchez to create one of the most important methods in Mental undoing: Sincrodinamic. Since her youth she heard the call of the need to change her perception and started meditating listening to Krishnamurti.
Fifteen years ago she started a deep immersion in the guidelines she has studied about Buddhism, Yoga and non duality. After this moment, she started developing along with Juan Miguel Sanchez a therapeutic method called Sincrodinamics, a technique of mental undoing which heals the mental blockade in our minds, A listening method in which the person becomes aware of the believes that block our mind through reiterate behavior. A call of attention to the conditioned processes of the mind which blurs our reality, happiness and the union we all are. With this technique the companion and the accompanied free the mind of unconscious programs which dictate the way the human experience happens and take awareness to undo their own mental knots. Sincrodinamics helps you free your mind, and your limiting believe and nding yourself in the pure and empty state you are. In her travels she studied in Chile with teacher Suryavan Solar. For more than 20 years shes been a practitioner of a course in miracles and Advaita Vedanta. Facilitator and therapist of A course in miracles since 2016.

4. The healing power of food: cacao and more

Celebrated as the food of the gods, cacao was first known to people in Central America and Mexico more than four thousand years ago. The Mayans employed cacao for rituals and ceremonies, as did the Aztecs after them, who attributed to cocoa beans so much importance as to become a form of currency. The Mayans also believed that cacao was the ancestral medicine of love and the delicious elixir found in the Cacao Ceremony, offered at Ser Casasandra, heals our mind, body and spirit. Cacao is high in magnesium, iron and antioxidants, in addition to serotonin, naturally boosting our immune system and wellbeing. Enjoy it accompanied by music and dance, fully experiencing the power of love.

While on the island, try the exquisite Yucatecan cuisine with fresh, local ingredients – delicious, freshly caught fish served in a fantastic ceviche – raw fish cured in citrus juices – and all the appetizing dishes that combine Mexican, Mayan and Cuban culture. Delights await.

7. Art as a way of expressing emotions 

We all need to convey our emotions in feelings, either with words, communicating with the others, by composing poems or music, letting our dance moves speak for ourselves, or by creating art. Art is powerful mean that can be used to express one’s own feelings and it’s everywhere in Holbox, colourful murals setting every dwelling apart.

Having understood the importance of communicating with art, Ser Casasandra and her owner Sandra Perez Lozano have created the La Isla Residencia programme. Artists of several disciplines are invited to engage in creation, research, dialogue and education, deeply connected with the daily life on the island, bringing its environment, history and Mayan heritage into their work. This way, the programme enhances the sense of community and focuses on young people, making sure they will discover the liberating force and power that are hidden within every artistic creation. 


Ser Casasandra Boutique Hotel in Holbox