Claudia Da Rin

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We represent only the finest hotels, lodges, villas and Yachts our guarantee of the ultimate in service, comfort, atmosphere and pampering. Extraordinary family owned hotels, whose credo is painstaking attention to details, excellence throughout, and whose experience is one you will treasure at length. Light varying a thousand times in a day, sensational dawns and sunsets, ever-changing hues, the lull of the waves by the shore, a star-studded sky, savouring an outstanding meal: you will simply ask for more.

Welcome to our world

Gourmands will delight in a wealth of food, wine, specialties and local products. And there is no end  to outdoor activities to get the adrenaline pumping or relaxing spas to wind down and chill out.  Peerlessly authentic experiences to ensure the sophisticated traveller has the finest of each territory can provide.

We support the travel trade as a resource, ensuring they receive all the information they need in real time and we have the most up to date knowledge of our destinations.

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