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The Grand Tour - Classic italy

The Grand Tour - Classic italy

A trip to Italy is always good news. The land of art, ancient cultures and sublime culinary traditions welcomes you with a smile, wherever you go; countless artists, writers and poets have paid a visit to its shores over the centuries, describing its full glory in epic pages and superb masterpieces. And yet, in our modern age of ever-changing technologies and fast connections, there may just be a novel way of relishing this kaleidoscope of civilisations: the Grand Tour.  This journey – very popular in the 17th and 18th century – was undertaken by young affluent Europeans with the aim of learning from ancient cultures and masterpieces, whose evidences were mostly found in France and Italy.

Reading Goethe’s Italian Journey or admiring one of Canaletto’s Vedute – an artist who thrived during the Grand Tour – we feel we are transported into a magical land, whose appeal and grandeur is still resonant today. Seeing things in person is, however, quite another thing altogether: this is your chance to discover Italy under a new light.

When modernity meets centuries-old traditions

“Bright lights, big city” may just appeal to Milan, the starting point of this impressive tour. The trendy metropolis may well be the financial heart of the country, but it is also brimming with superlative museums, epic frescoes and world-class churches.

This is the city of fashion: walk its streets to discover spectacular art nouveau buildings and elegant galleries, then dine in funky, innovative restaurants. Move on to Lake Como, the home of glamour and charm, where upper-class villas and their lush gardens paint a canvas of eternal beauty, the shimmering lake and the beauty of snow-capped mountains as a terrific background.

La Serenissima 

Truly unique, Venice is the floating city of dreams that never stops alluring its visitors. Walking around its alleys and over its bridges, its decadent glory leaves us speechless.

The supremely beautiful geometries of Piazza San Marco and Palazzo Ducale, the dazzling mosaics of the Basilica and the masterpieces in the many churches, along with the view of the Grand Canal from the water will stay with you forever

The cradle of the Renaissance

Though used in the most disparate contexts, the word Renaissance stems from 15th century Florence, by then an artistic powerhouse where inestimable artworks were crafted.

Come and see the staggering fresco cycles of Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella or Santa Trinita, Michelangelo’s mighty David or Botticelli’s Primavera, then savour the delicious local cuisine, while sipping a glass of Chianti, before enjoying the shopping spree of your life.



Timeless charm

In a landscape replete with romantic ruins, famous fountains and unique squares, Rome is achingly beautiful. Not only will you find endless masterpieces, such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel or Caravaggio’s canvases, Bernini’s sculptures and Etruscan terracotta antiquities, but the city itself is also an open-air museum that defies belief.

Enjoy la dolce vita the proper way: sit alfresco and dine in style, the romantic atmosphere of the eternal city a resonating melody.


Unexpected elegance and fiery energy

Come to the most surprising stroke of genius in Italy: Naples. A proud city that enthrals with its vigour, its loud voice is a stark reminder of the beauty it unveils.

Stunning museums and marvellous churches are set within a maze of artisan shops that reveal a unique artistic heritage: monasteries live alongside royal palaces, seemingly real 18th century statues shake hands with contemporary installations and even the arty underground won awards. Enjoy the staggering view onto the bay of Naples and the Vesuvius, while savouring an authentic, unforgettable meal, then rest your head knowing that the full glory of the Italian peninsula is real and you have enjoyed it in style

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Make this your very own tale of discovery along this unique peninsula, whether your primary concern is art, architecture, archaeology or even fine dining, shopping, fast cars and football. To make the experience even richer every itinerary is designed to the last detail so that every visit, every lunch and dinner, every overnight stay and every transfer is carefully selected to be part of a story, your story. 

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