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The Dolomites leave us speechless

The most beautiful architectonic work in the world

Exceptional rock formations erupting skyward, the Dolomites simply stun visitors: no matter how many times you may have seen them, the Dolomites bring new sensations each and every time they appear. And appear they do, out of nowhere, leaving us speechless. Among the world’s most striking mountain landscapes, the Dolomites were awarded the UNESCO World Heritage seal in 2009; their extraordinary scenic beauty combined with the geological and geomorphological significance played a part in obtaining this highly coveted recognition: 18 peaks rising above 3,000 metres for nine areas of outstanding natural beauty. Spanning the provinces of Trentino and Alto Adige, including neighbouring Veneto, the Dolomites stay in the heart of visitors well after they have left.  A sublime natural setting in the winter, when you can make the most of hospitable resorts, well-coordinated ski networks and endless skiing, ski touring, freeride, cross country or snow-shoeing opportunities, as well as in the summer, when you can choose among excellent hiking, biking, sublime views and fantastic trails.

Are you ready to discover the magic?

Ladin country

Italy is a well-known kaleidoscope of colours, captivating images and strong traditions, each region will warmly welcoming you. Alta Badia amazes for its vastness and the intensity of its light, and it also proudly defends its Ladin heritage. Ladin language dates back to 15 b.C. and is the result of Rhetian meeting Latin. It is still spoken spoken in Val Badia, around the Sella area, in Friuli and in the Grigioni Canton in Switzerland. It is the third official language in Alto Adige, after Italian and German. There are five languages known: Maréo/Badiot (Val Badia), Gherdëina (Val Gardena), Fascian (Val di Fassa), Anpezan (Ampezzo) and Fodom (Livinallongo).  Increased efforts to preserve this language have taken place over the years, promoting the language through publications, regular radio and television programmes. 

Will you try and learn a few words next time you visit?

From Cinque Torri to the Marmolada

… via Sassolungo, Fanes-Sennes, Brenta, Civetta and the Cortina Dolomites with Lagazuoi, Tofana di Rozes and Monte Cristallo. These are some of the regions where you can enjoy sensational Dolomites. Among them, Alta Badia and the adjoining High Planes of Fanes are considered some of the most evocative ones.

With a centuries-old culture, delicious cuisine and the warmth of the Ladin culture, Alta Badia will simply stun you. The Sella Group, Sassongher, Gardenaccia, Sas dla Crusc and Conturines are the backdrop of an unforgettable experience.

Gourmet delights

You say mountain landscapes and wooden huts come to mind, along with farms and animals roaming free. That may be true, but did you know that the Dolomites are home to some of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants? The impeccable attention to details typical of a region where nothing is left to chance triumphs in winter with A Taste for Skiing. Local and international Michelin-starred chefs make a star appearance when they are assigned one of the ski huts on the slopes. subsequently creating a feature dish that will stay on the menu throughout the season.

You may also opt for a Wine Ski Safari (De dl Vin) or meet a sommelier on the slopes, where exciting wine tastings are organised. The Gourmet Ski Safari allows participants to glisse along fantastic pistes and have a sublime meal, with seven gourmet huts offering memorable dishes. And then endless skiing opportunities, such as the Skitour La Crusc and Skitour Lagazuoi, to name a few. Why not get there before the crowds? Breakfast with powder snow means you take the snowcat up to a hut, savour a gourmet breakfast enjoying peace and tranquillity, then ski down!  Need we say more? Take your pick and start exploring. The endless Alta Badia skiing opportunities will do the rest. 

A similar culinary journey takes place in the summer, as well, when Peaks of Gastronomy sees eight Michelin-star chefs prepare exclusive dishes in delightful mountain huts. And then you’ll find a Gastronomy symposium, culinary bike tours or An evening at the museum in San Cassiano, where food becomes the true entertainer.



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