Claudia Da Rin

About Claudia

They say that knowledge and imagination are the key to one’s success: the key is to combine them with the adequate expertise and savoir-faire.

In my extensive and thorough 25-year professional experience, and 15-year career in hotels in Italy, London and Paris, I was able to select only the finest properties and villas, authentic temples of imagination, luxury, relaxation, tradition and charm. I represent unique, extraordinary hotels where guests become friends and are enticed with the most astonishing experiences, family traditions are held in high regards and the natural world takes the leading role.

I can illustrate and introduce you to the magic of all these institutions, located in some of the most astonishing areas of Italy and Mexico. Mountains reflecting in the stunning lakes in northern Italy, where painstaking attention to details emerge in a gentle, Belle Époque atmosphere; towering, imposing and simply unforgettable Dolomites will have you in awe; cypress-adorned winding roads in Umbria and Tuscany, with their exquisite culinary delights and prime wine production, will struck you. But also North African sunsets in a small Sicilian island and the proud traditions, combined with the stunning natural backdrop of Sardinia.
The pristine sands on the shores of an idyllic Mexican island will nourish your soul and lull your spirits.

Where does Claudia Da Rin Luxury Hospitality, the company I established in 2000, fit in amid all this excellence?

  • I act as the liaison between travel advisors and the hotels
  • Revealing behind-the scenes surprises
  • Solving any riddle you may have relating to these areas
  • I can work to tight deadlines
  • Understand the needs of the most discerning travellers, recommending the most adequate, tailor-made holiday

Working in the B2B and B2C environments, I embrace person-to-person (P2P) marketing and connect with all customers and clients on a human level.

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