Claudia Da Rin

Ser Casasandra

Set on secluded Isla Holbox, a sandy and serene island,  Ser Casasandra promises a textbook beach vacation of hammock-swinging luxury in a setting so laid-back that sunset cocktails are de rigeur and shoes are practically forbidden. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in this wonderful Paradise Island with beaches of white sand and crystal clear waters, where the warmth of the people transmit the best  environment. 

The whole concept at Ser Casasandra is to relax, disconnect with the stresses of daily life and to reconnect with oneself by restoring balance and harmony. Nature, art, music, the environment and spirituality will all play a part of your visit

The philosophy at Ser Casasandra is to look after and give back to the island of Holbox - its traditions, its wildlife, its local economy and its native people are always at the forefront of the ideas and experiences conceived at the hotel.

The design of Ser Casasandra has been overseen by Sandra Perez herself. She has handpicked different pieces from artisans from all over the world while also maintaining local integrity. The architectural design uses local, Solferino wood as the structural basis of the property. These pieces can also be seen in the soft refurbishment of many of the rooms. Hammocks pepper the shaded balconies of thatched huts. Inside, the rooms are restful havens from the scorch of the sun. White muslin drapes hang down from above while terracotta floor tiles are cooling underfoot. The walls are speckled with original paintings by the eponymous owner and a collection of like-minded local artists. It’s part beachside retreat, part hip East London gallery. There is also a brand new boutique Duplas_Design at the hotel where guests can purchase these items.

Running only one-and-a-half kilometres across, Holbox is of course all about the coastline, and Ser Casasandra sits on its own pristine stretch, looking out onto the clear turquoise Caribbean waters. Even the beach seems designed to eliminate any unnecessary stress. There are no rocks, no jellyfish, no surprisingly powerful undercurrents – just long stretches of fine white sand and gentle lapping waters. The hotel provides full-on king-size beach beds for those who simply can’t squeeze enough relaxation from an ordinary sun lounger and regular visits from the beaming Mayan barman who plies you with freshly made smoothies made from mango, pineapple and chaya, a green leaf that locals will tell you treats anything from poor circulation to heart disease. Ser CasaSandra has collaborated with one of Mexico's most acclaimed chefs, Roberto Solis. Roberto is famous for his modern Yucatan cuisine and is culinary ethos is to use locally-sourced, fresh produce to create flavours and scents deeply attached the the Mayan culture.

  • 16 rooms and suites
  • 1 luxury apartment: sitting room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms
  • 1 luxury Villa: sitting room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
  • Restaurant Ser Esencia
  • Bar Maiz
  • Mojito Beach Bar and Restaurant
  • Nespresso machine in each room
  • Private beach
  • Swimming pool
  • Continental breakfast à la carte
  • Bikes to explore the island
  • Duplas_Design Shop
  • Cinema night on the beach (Mexican, American, English among others)
  • Cuban music night every Saturday
  • Sunset aperitif on the beach every day
  • Works of art and music have been selected to inspire and relax
  • Bathroom accessories made from regional organic ingredients with water and fruit delivered to your room daily
  • Ideal location for wedding and anniversaries

  • NEW Centro Holístico Ahal 
  • Wellness Programs and  Retreats and are organize all year round 
    Treatments: Synchrodynamics, Osteopathy, Cryotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Hot Stones, Lymphatic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage with Aromatherapy, Relaxing Massage, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage Specialized Massage, Muscular System Specialized Massage, Body and Facial Treatments, Yoga, Meditation, among others.

Holbox - Our suggestions in pills 

The island of Holbox is an oasis of peace and serenity, a small paradise that preserves the charm of an almost virgin island to be explored and protected. 

  • 1 hour 40 minutes drive from Cancun to Chiquilà plus 20 min ferry to Holbox Island
  • Holbox is perfect for a 2/3 days stay within a Mexican tour
  • Ideal for longer holidays and honeymoons
  • Swimming with the Whale Sharks (June to September)
  • Food & Wine, Active and natural wonders
  • All Year round

NOT to be missed: Swimming with the Whale Sharks (June to September) 

It is an incredible phenomenon because it’s one of the few places on earth where the whale sharks are not in the deep, but rather on the surface of the ocean. When you swim with these enormous and magnanimous creatures, you experience all kinds of emotions: freedom, fear, and sense their great spirit and interior beauty. Sandra Perez, founder of CasaSandra says: “Every year, from mid-May to mid-September, the largest aggregations of whale sharks in the world are found off the coast of Holbox Island, to feed on the waters rich plankton, krill and fish eggs: this is an amazing and still not well understood phenomenon, since whale sharks are usually considered as solitary creatures. These gentle sea giants – Sandra continues – have been playing an amazing role in the island’s life, and I thought to celebrate them by giving our clients the opportunity to learn about them through two local men – Don Victor and Doña Trinidad – whose families have lived in Holbox for generations”.

Calle Igualdad Costado De Sec Tec 77310 Holbox Island Mexico