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Restore your mind – Welcome to Ser Casasandra in Holbox

A holistic approach to life

In a world where reaching for the stars seems like a mundane task, stopping to look at our lives in perspective seems just fair. Deadlines, competitions, targets, struggles of all sorts punctuate our existence and sometimes this takes its toll. Leading a healthier life, where tranquillity and harmony set the rules, is everybody’s wish: how do we achieve that?  Personal preferences and attitudes aside, one good idea may be to adopt a holistic approach to life.

A lifestyle and a way of thinking, a holistic attitude focuses on the idea of “holos”, meaning the “whole” in Greek. Let’s find out.


Human beings are a unity of body, soul and spirit: trying to join all the parts that make up our bodies is the best way to embrace life with renewed energies. Taking care of every single part of our bodies should be our main focus, remembering that harmony connects every cell of our mind and bodies, donning a sense of tranquillity and overall well-being that makes everything more enjoyable.

“Easier said than done” may ring to your ears, however simple pieces of advice may be to adopt a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, including some form of sports on a daily basis: you don’t need to run a marathon every morning, but a sensible routine will set you in good order, improve your immune system, making you stronger. You should also learn to enjoy every moment of your time on earth and practice gratitude: be happy for the small things and a great deal of satisfaction will follow, whatever you do.


Holbox, a place to behold 

If reaching for this “blessed” state of mind sounds a tough affair at home, when daily distractions may hinder your goals, why not travel to a dream destination and practice new attitudes? We have the perfect place for you: The Yum Balam Ecological Reserve in Mexico, where nature “reigns in its purest form” and reconnecting to our inner self a simpler task. Welcome to Isla Holbox, the tropical paradise located north of the Yucatan Peninsula, dotted with pristine beaches and blessed with azure waters: from kite surfing to swimming with whale sharks, sunset experiences to a trip to three islands (Isla Pasión, Isla Pájaros and Cabo Catoche), where you can spot flamingoes, iguanas, pelicans and crabs, this island has it all.

Holbox is, however, primarily a place where creativity is given free rein: forgo inhibitions and worries, just let your inner artist paint a canvas of happiness and joy onto your lives.

Ser Casasandra, leading towards transformation

So much more than a boutique hotel, Ser Casasandra is a temple of art and inner peace. Art pieces from several artists are found everywhere and are meant to inspire, guide and reveal the artistic connotation that are hidden within ourselves.

Located in its marvellous premises, the recently expanded Ahal Holistic Centre aims to rebalance one’s life though the powerful tools of meditation by means of several treatments, among which osteopathy, Craniosacral therapy, cryotherapy lymphatic drainage, massages focusing on special muscles, facials and body treatments, yoga and many more. The centre goes well beyond the realm of a spa: this is a holistic centre that seeks the balance and stillness of being.

“Ahal” means “awakening” in the Mayan language and, true to the philosophy of holistic practices, guests are reminded that every community they may live in is one, thus working and collaborating towards collective evolution. Enjoy our special June offer for a free massage, facial or holistic therapy, Find out more!


Mindfulness is a state of mind

Guidance is key when it comes to unlocking our potentials, for distractions can hinder even the most resolute of intentions. Come to Holbox in the calmer season and enjoy three outstanding Ser retreats, conceived as proper spaces where the mind stops to reflect: The mind, your medicine will take place in September, Sky Mind in December 2023 and The Body is mind in 2024.

Led by teachers who have already undergone this transformation, they can understand what struggles you may go through and make the journey of inner revolution a smoother one. Travelling to this island paradise at these times also has the advantage of finding quieter beaches, lower prices, enjoying the best special treatments and having access to fabulous nature experiences.

The mind, your medicine

Get to know yourself in this revelatory retreat where you will see the great extent to which the mind impacts the body. By employing techniques such as individual and group sessions of synchrodynamics, osteopathy and biodynamic therapies, non-dual meditation, self-enquiry, a course in miracles and soothing, relaxing walks on the beach, you will be taught new ways to look at yourself, finding space for wellbeing, surrounded by nature and art.

Led by the Cuban osteopath and therapist Juan Miguel Sànchez, together with Habiramy, the CEO and founder of Ser Casasandra, they will offer a deeper level of enquiry and support along this journey of self-renewal

Sky mind

Finding inner peace is the result of a harmonious, balanced existence. Putting all the pieces of our complex lives together is no mean task, but this special retreat will lay the basis of the correct approach where the mind, emotions and harmony live in unison. Led by Shirayam, a therapist, speaker and author with decades of experience, who has worked in more than ten countries, you will follow her Sky Mind method of self-discovery and mental undoing. Learn how to be more resilient, facing life’s challenges with renewed strength, taking decisions with a clearer perception of reality. 

The Body is mind 

Is the body separated from the mind? This retreat aims at investigating how matter and mind interact, how we opt for certain decisions when conflicts arise. Investigating how we see ourselves, you will learn how this can lead to certain symptoms and a specific definition of our personas. By enjoying a harmonious environment where silence, stillness and emptiness reign, see how this thinking process acts directly on our bodies. Find your way towards a more liberating existence, freed from mental processes that may hinder your confidence and self-awareness. Led by Habiramy and Juan Miguel Sànchez, this is a retreat that will resonate greatly within your mind. Taking place in 2024


The CEO of Ser Casasandra, Sandra Perez Lozano, known as Habiramy, is a visual artist, a writer and a speaker, as well as a facilitator of “A course in miracles”. Together with Sanchez… she has founded Synchrodynamics, an innovative technique aimed at unlocking whatever mental knots block your personality and mind, allowing them to bloom and flourish, enriching your inner self. She is also the founder of Dharma Global, the first Latin American platform dedicated to teaching as a form of spiritual growth, aimed at self knowledge. Started in 2020, the community of Dharma Global now counts 11,000 members, focusing on mental, physical and emotional healing. Along her exciting entrepreneurial career, Sandra has also founded Natural news, the first paper in Holbox dedicated to the momentous power of the mind.

Ser Casasandra

Running only one-and-a-half kilometres across, Holbox is of course all about the coastline, and Ser Casasandra sits on its own pristine stretch, looking out onto the clear turquoise Caribbean waters. Even the beach seems designed to eliminate any unnecessary stress. There are no rocks, no jellyfish, no surprisingly powerful undercurrents – just long stretches of fine white sand and gentle lapping waters. The hotel provides full-on king-size beach beds for those who simply can’t squeeze enough relaxation from an ordinary sun lounger and regular visits from the beaming Mayan barman who plies you with freshly made smoothies made from mango, pineapple and chaya, a green leaf that locals will tell you treats anything from poor circulation to heart disease. Ser CasaSandra has collaborated with one of Mexico's most acclaimed chefs, Roberto Solis. Roberto is famous for his modern Yucatan cuisine and is culinary ethos is to use locally-sourced, fresh produce to create flavours and scents deeply attached the the Mayan culture.

The whole concept at Ser Casasandra is to relax, disconnect with the stresses of daily life and to reconnect with oneself by restoring balance and harmony. Nature, art, music, the environment and spirituality will all play a part of your visit

• 16 rooms and suites
• 1 luxury apartment with 2 bedrooms
• Restaurant Ser Esencia
• Bar
• Mojito Beach Bar and Restaurant
• Nespresso machine in each room
• Private beach
• Swimming pool
• Continental breakfast à la carte
• Yoga lessons every morning
• Bikes to explore the island
• Cinema night on the beach (Mexican, American, English among others)
• Cuban music night every Saturday
• Sunset aperitif on the beach every day
• Works of art and music have been selected to inspire and relax
• Bathroom accessories made from regional organic ingredients with water and fruit delivered to your room daily
• Ideal location for wedding and anniversaries

Holbox - Our suggestions in pills 

The island of Holbox is an oasis of peace and serenity, a small paradise that preserves the charm of an almost virgin island to be explored and protected. 

  • 1 hour 40 minutes drive from Cancun to Chiquilà plus 20 min ferry to Holbox Island
  • Holbox is perfect for a 2/3 days stay within a Mexican tour
  • Ideal for longer holidays and honeymoons
  • Swimming with the Whale Sharks (June to September)
  • Food & Wine, Active and natural wonders
  • All Year round

Special Offers

4 nights Special Offer 

Book at least 4 nights at Ser Casasandra and get a free transfer from the Cancun airport to the hotel (or from Holbox to Cancun) with all the security measures guaranteed.

  • Regular Land Transportation (single trip) 
  • Water on board, telephone service, reception at the airport upon your arrival
  • Taxi to Chiquilá, ferry to Holbox and golf cart to the hotel
  • Valid for stays in June, September and October 2023
  • Starting from $ 1,760 usd ( for 4 nights with taxes included)

Ahal Special Offer

We are pleased to share the news with you: our holistic center “Ahal” has expanded its spaces! Now your clients can enjoy more therapies and treatments designed to offer them a unique and transformative wellness experience at our home. To celebrate this event, we have a special offer for you. 

  • Book at least 3 night stay
  • one free-of-charge therapy at our holistic center, the one of your choice! Enjoy a massage or a facial or a holistic therapy from our wellness menu
  • Valid for stays from the 1st to the 30th of June 2023
  • Starting from $ 1,320 usd ( for 3 nights with taxes included) 

Last Minute Special Offer

  • Get 25% discount on these room and suite category
  • Master Luxury Garden, Suite Ocean, Master Suite, Master Luxury Beach Front y Luxury Residence
  • Valid for stays from the 1st to the 30th of June 2023