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5 Good Reasons to choose a private yacht

This really is a world full of marvels

5 Good Reasons to visit Capri & the Amalfi Coast by private yacht to discover Capri, the Amalfi Coast, the Gulf of Naples, Sardinia, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands

• Your own private Villa on the water

• Freeedom and Flexibility

• Sensational Service

• Pure Privacy

• Visit secluded places accessible only by yacht

1. Your own private Villa on the water

Originally Roman upper class country houses, “villas” epitomize the sense of something extraordinary. The utmost attention to the smallest of details, you will find endless care for guests who feel they are walking into a living fairy-tale. Italian villas on the mainland are the perfect hideaway where one feels cocooned by cosy interiors, surrounded by the artistry of talented craftsmen and the impeccable service of attentive, discreet attendants. Imagine elevating this to the next level and bringing this magical experience onto the water: Capri on Board yachts ensure your holiday will be treasured at length. You will find our yachts become your very own private villa and, what’s more, you will be the commander in chief.

2. Freeedom and Flexibility 

What is luxury if you cannot have the freedom to direct your choices? Onboard our exclusive private yachts, you will be the master of your own “home”. We can tailor every experience to your needs and we will endeavour to follow your dreams. Flexibility is key at sea, as any mariner will tell you: wear the suit of a pioneering sailor and learn about the potency of water. You can also learn to play water sports and find your very own set of water toys – jet skis, paddleboards and seabobs. Have you spotted a magical cove and would like to swim there? Has the rugged beauty of a jagged coast taken your fancy? Enjoy a different view every day: we’ll take you there, for your wish is our command.


3. Sensational Service 

Expect the best and nothing else with Capri on Board. Our well-trained, unobtrusive and discreet crew will accompany you right from the start and their presence will bring reassurance and familiarity.  Away from the general public, you will float on cloud nine – literally! – whilst enjoying your very own private party. And that’s every single day – in the company of family and friends, you will feel at home – on the water. The importance of safety and careful service has never played such an important part in our lives as it does today: strict health protocols are maintained throughout the journey, most probably without you even noticing it, meaning safety is key for us, in the interest of our esteemed guests.

4. Pure Privacy

Exclusivity is key, especially when it comes to choosing your very own bespoke holiday on the water. Admire the landscape from the sea, retrace the steps of famous explorers, gauge the world from your window on the water and enjoy an unparalleled experience.  No need to mingle with strangers and share any space with them: onboard our yachts, our guests dictate the pace and common spaces are enjoyed by our guests only. This is fine dining well away from the crowds: isn’t this the recipe for success? Our crew will pamper you and go the extra mile to make this a memorable experience.

5. Visit secluded places accessible only by yacht

Approaching an island or a town on the water directly from the sea is an unbeatable sensation. The lull and rhythm of the water a gentle caress at night, while the excitement of reaching that long sought-after private beach becomes a reality during the day. And it’s not just coves and sandy inlets: several towns and locations can only reached from the shore, making a trip there an exclusive affair. While cruising on our fabulous luxury yachts, itineraries can be shaped and adjusted to meet your choices. Let us guide and direct you towards new and exciting destinations, and remember that the journey is what makes any cruise a gorgeous one.

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