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6 Travel Itineraries in Italy

Experiences you will treasure at lenght

We represent unique, extraordinary independent and privately-owned boutique hotels, villas and yachts in Italy. To promote the hotels we represent we take pride in creating travel suggestions and itineraries, where our local knowledge meets the needs and interests of travel advisors and clients. Make this your very own tale of discovery along this unique peninsula, whether your primary concern is art, architecture, archaeology or even fine dining and shopping.

Our goal is to introduce travel advisors to new products and act as a primary resource for information and assistance ensuring they receive all the support they need in real time. Having a “sample itinerary” connecting the properties gives something more solid and potentially concrete to promote, rather than a mere collection of hotels.

Extraordinary hotels, whose credo is painstaking attention to details, excellence throughout, and whose experience is one you will treasure at length. Light varying a thousand times in a day, sensational dawns and sunsets, ever-changing hues, the lull of the waves by the shore, a star-studded sky, savouring an outstanding meal: you will simply ask for more

TRIP 1. From Lake Maggiore to Naples

Visit the exquisite Borromean Islands: like a fleet of fine vessels, they lie at anchor at the Golfo Borromeo, between Stresa and Verbania. Piedmont. This is the place where a realm of unexpected surprises unwinds in front of your eyes. The beauty of the area in northwestern Tuscany is the juxtaposition of mountains and the sea, rolling hills and medieval towns.  Naples, thousand colours and a thousand cultures.

Arrival in Milano
day 1, day 2, day 3 / Lake Maggiore & Lake Orta
day 4, day 5 / Piedmont / Monferrato
day 6, day 7 / Tuscany
day 8, day 9, day 10 / Campania / Naples


10 days, Lake Maggiore to Naples from April to the end of October Download PDF of this trip
7 days, only Piedmont / Tuscany / Naples all year round

TRIP 2. Dolomites, Lake Garda and beyond

The Prosecco hills, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, are nestled between the Prealps and the Piave river, only 1 hour from Venice. To sleep, perchance to dream. Shakespeare may spring to mind when the Dolomites come into sight in all their magnificence – be it the first or the hundredth time this happens. Dolomites are natural World Heritage Site since 2009. Welcome to Val Badia, Val Gardena and Alpe di Siusi.  The Mediterranean climate in Lake Garda. A visit to Lake Iseo, Franciacorta and Verona

Arrival in Venice
day 1, day 2 / Dolomites / Alta Badia
day 3, day 4 / Dolomites / Val Gardena & Alpe di Siusi
day 5, day 6, day 7, day 8 / Lake Garda
and daily excursion to Lake Iseo/Franciacorta & Verona

Seasons Download PDF of this trip

Lake Garda & Dolomites: mid June to October
Lake Garda season: from April to beginning of November
Dolomites: summer season June to October, winter weason December to March

TRIP 3. Capri and the Amalfi Coast mini cruise

Sailing aboard a luxury yacht towards magnificent destinations fills with emotions and delight, greatly enhanced when you can admire the soft lights of a dreamy sunset while sipping a glass of delicious wine. Contemplate the evocative Faraglioni when the crowds have gone and you have the place to yourself, listen to the sweet lull of the water and take in the surrounding beauty. Capri and Anacapri. Carry on towards the Costiera Amalfitana, in a journey of discovery that brings out the best surprises along this glitzy corner of southern Italy: Nerano Positano, Amalfi, Li Galli

day 1 / embark from 10 am in Naples (Marina di Stabia) Capri tour of the island - overnight stay at Capri Marina
day 2 / Nerano / Positano / Amalfi tour - overnight stay at Amalfi Marina
day 3 / Amalfi / Li Galli / Baia di Sorrento tour - disembarkation in Naples by 6 pm

Season: From April to the end of October Download PDF of this trip mini cruise

TRIP 4. Sardinia

Arrival in Olbia or Cagliari
You can easily reach Sardinia from many Italian cities in 1 hour filght: from Milano, Torino, Bergamo, Verona, Venezia, Bologna, Firenze, Rome, Napoli, Palermo

day 1, day 2 / Inland Sardinia
day 3, day 4 / North East Sardinia

Season: From April to the end of October Download PDF of this trip in Sardinia

This is a sample itinerary of 4 nights but we suggest to spend more days to enjoy Sardinia. To make the experience even richer, every itinerary can be designed by to the last detail. Every visit, every lunch and dinner, every overnight stay and every transfer is carefully selected to be part of a story, your story.

TRIP 5. Pantelleria  

The hidden island of Pantelleria is located 62 miles southwest of Sicily and some 40 miles from Tunisia. This small, yet incredibly rich volcanic island holds the best of both worlds, with Italian traditions mingling with African-style sunsets, burnt orange hues colouring each and everything, the deep blue of its crystalline waters a unique backdrop to sensational adventures.

You can easily reach Pantelleria by flight:
- From Sicily: a 30-minute flight from Trapani, Palermo and Catania
- Easy, short flights (between 1 and 1.5 hours) from Milano, Torino, Bergamo, Venezia, Bologna, Firenze, Pisa, Rome, Napoli

day 1, day 2 / day3 Pantelleria Island

Season: from April to the end of October Download PDF of this trip to Pantelleria Island

TRIP 6. Piedmont and Northern Tuscany

Piedmont and Northern Tuscany is a perfect combination. This is the place where a realm of unexpected surprises unwinds in front of your eyes. Northwestern Italy may well have been off most people’s radars in the past, but the spell has now been cast. The beauty of this area in northwestern Tuscany is the juxtaposition of mountains and the sea, rolling hills and medieval towns.

day 1, day 2 / Piedmont
day 3, day 4 / Northern Tuscany

Season: all year round. Perfect from October to beginning oif December to enjoy truffles  Download PDF of this trip Piedmont and Northern Tuscany

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