Claudia Da Rin

Claudia Da Rin provides world-class sales representation services for Luxury, Boutique Hotels & Villas and unique travel experiences.

Luxury hotels and other highly original forms of accommodation will reach dedicated specialist buyers who enjoy a personal relationship with Claudia Da Rin and find effective support in sourcing the truly inspirational activities and trusted services they seek.

Our dynamic approach to business naturally promotes cooperation and partnership among hotels generating greater revenue and reaching the common goal of continued success in these exciting and challenging times of developing international travel products.

Special Hotels want a team of experts to open the right doors worldwide, driving business and improving overall sales, marketing performance and measurement.

"We believe in attending the needs of others so that they can focus on the difference they need to make and we love to inspire people to do the things that inspire them".

Sales Representative Boutique Hotels & Villas

We represent only the finest hotels, lodges, villas, apartments and resorts, our guarantee of the ultimate in service, comfort, atmosphere and pampering.