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Path DMC Puglia Expert

PATH is an experiential DMC based in Puglia. Since 2009 they design & operate bespoke experiential holidays for top travel companies desirous to expand their market and enhance the trips of FIT, small groups, or families.

They are the people on the ground delivering the magic with in-house services, with their own luxury vehicles, top-notch bikes and local guides. They offer tailor made itineraries based on their clients’needs, travel style and expectations; a wide selection of personalized experiences from active to cultural & culinary; a local expert partner & representative who takes care of all the clients needs from arrival to departure, ensuring their trip runs smoothly and is stress-free.

Angela Venturi, CEO & founder, grew up between Veneto & Puglia from an Apulian family, sipping prosecco and Primitivo wine from the baby bottle. More wine than blood in her veins, and her huge passion for the food & wine culture inspired her to unveil Italy through its culinary heritage. A fully trained AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) and ONAV (National Organization of Wine Tasters) sommelier, if she is not searching for natural wines, bikepacking across Vietnam, or cooking, you might find Angela taking care of her bees or making her own extra virgin organic olive oil. She joined the travel industry in 2000. 

Andrea Arnesano, co-founder, is a certified GAE guide (environmental-hiking/cultural guide), a cyclist, IDM music producer, former lawyer, and he joined the travel industry in 2003, when he quit the London Club scene to return to Puglia by bike, and start a new life unveiling Puglia to the most discerning travelers. Born & bred between Sicily, Naples and the remote villages of Puglia, he hiked the Etna volcano at the age of 3, started to harvest his grandmother's vineyard in Puglia at the age of 5, and raced his first mountain bike on the wildest streets of Napoli as a toddler.

  • Walking tours
  • Biking tours
  • Art & Culture Experiences
  • Food & Wine
  • Cooking classes
  • Family travel 
  • Tailor made experiences

Their trips connect the travelers with the destination from a different perspective, at a different speed, through local encounters and hands-on experiences

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