Claudia Da Rin

ILTM Europe

23-24-25 November 2020

ILTM World Tour is a virtual show designed specifically for a highly targeted, highly qualified cohort within the luxury travel industry. As we patiently wait for those meaningful face-to-face conversations to return, this one-off digital event is all about a tailored experience: our connections, our content, and our community. Taking place on Monday 23, Tuesday 24 & Wednesday 25 November 2020, reconnect with familiar faces and explore new buyer markets in just three days. Across these three days, you can expect to see travel agents from all over Europe: East & Central (16%), North & West (38%), South (20%) and the Nordics (4%). And, don’t forget about the Middle Eastern (7%) and African (1%) buyers too!

3 days of one-2one appointments.