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The Ranch Italy  - A new approach to life

In a world replete with ideas, suggestions and advice on how to improve our wellbeing, making the most of our potentials, defying our inner fears, while keeping an eye on the planet, picking the right programme may seem like a tasking job.

Improvised experts and knowledgeable souls crop up from every corner, so how do you vouch for a well-trusted, reliable and success-proven formula? Founded in September 2010, The Ranch Malibu has an impressive return rate of more than 50%, meaning the programme is a sound one. Recently expanded into Italy’s world renowned Palazzo Fiuggi, in the Latium region which sees Rome as its capital, the programme aims at offering guests a deeper understanding of their health, gaining awareness of their inner potentials.  Let’s explore.


1. Welcome to a new you!

The Ranch’s goal is “to create a space for personal inspiration, growth and life transformation”. You will find new challenges and gain mental clarity with their exceptional, health conscious programme: joining a group of maximum 25 guests per session the programme comes in a week-long or a four-day period. The key here is sharing: comparing experiences, ideas and emotions, unlocking synergies that will reveal a new awareness of your abilities and your goals.

This immersive and transformative programme will leave you stronger and more aware of who you are: The idea is to get you started on a healthier, more conscious approach towards yourself, your mental and physical wellbeing being at the core of your routine.

2. A day at the Ranch

Days start early at the Ranch, very early. But you will enjoy a soft awakening, followed by a light breakfast. Then it’s off for an interesting walk with a different route each day: set within the Latium Apennine mountains, you will be met with lush meadows, valleys and streams, forested canopies and then quintessentially Italian hilltop hamlets, medieval villages and ancient monasteries.

Five castles are also close-by: Trivigliano, Torre Cajetani, Fumone, Trevi and Trisulti. Lunch is followed by a nap and the afternoon is packed with strength and core training classes, massages and yoga. You will also be free to use the in-house facilities: a state-of-the-art 4,300 square foot spa and fitness centre, with Technogym, Pilates, Yoga and relaxing training equipment. Dinner is a social affair, when people exchange comments on the day’s events, along with discussions on the nutritional properties of food.

3. A temple of health - Palazzo Fiuggi

Deep within the Latium hills, Palazzo Fiuggi was already known for the healing powers of its waters in the Cinquecento. To pursue a healthier approach and start from known facts about yourself, your programme includes a series of health checks and a consultation with a world-class physician. Exams include an assessment of vital parameters, such as heart rate and oxygen saturation, a record of your medical history and routine examinations including respiratory and abdominal ones.

Your blood panel will include a complete blood count, total cholesterol, glycated haemoglobin, calcium and many more. Delivered within 24 hours, these results will be discussed in great detail with a specialist, who will guide you towards a healthier approach, underlying possible areas of concern, emphasising how you can adopt the best habits to suit your current health, and possibly improve it.  

4. A luxury palace for a memorable stay

Palazzo Fiuggi is beyond luxurious. Your 5-star private accommodation offers rooms bathed in natural light, with views onto the countryside or the pool: bright and airy, the stylish rooms feature marble finishing touches, linen, velvet or cashmere textiles, natural stripped floors and are decorated with art works and art objects.

Filled with character and charm, they ooze relaxation. Your options will be a Charme, Prestige room or a Junior suite: they all capture the joyful, luxurious and soothing atmosphere perceived throughout the property.

5. A sustainable approach to life

Sustainability is at the core of the Ranch, equally meaning to sustain your body and soul, but also to have a green approach to our fragile planet. This is why the nutritionally-dense, organic plant-based food you will be offered during your stay is so important: Have you ever wondered how much water and how much energy it takes to raise a cow that will then yield a juicy steak? It is a known fact that livestock and feedcrops are the main causes of rainforest destruction: adopting a plant-based approach will improve your health and the planet as well.

A vegan diet, in fact, produces on average 50% less carbon dioxide and if the land required to feed a vegan person for a year is 1/6th acre, for a meat eater it will be18 times as much. Food for thought indeedì

6. Food that nourishes the soul

The plant-based food served during your stay will be perfect to fuel your days at Palazzo Fiuggi. The power-packed food at the Ranch is free from dairy, gluten, processed sugar, soy, animal fats, alcohol and caffeine. You will discover how gratifying, satisfying, delicious and detoxifying meals at the Ranch are: inspired by nature, you will certainly lose inches and gain on confidence, feel rejuvenated, discovering the power of plants and how learning to feed yourself properly is the key to a happier approach to life.

At The Ranch Italy menus are “seasoned” with an Italian flair: they are created by the Ranch’s executive chef Meredith Haaz and concocted by Chef Heinz Beck, holder of 3 Michelin stars, with his Palazzo Fiuggi team. Created by a team and enjoyed within a group: you will learn to savour food in the company of others, enriching your experiences and elevating your sense of self-awareness.

7. The Ranch Italy 

Innovation is key, as the daily agenda of classes is always changing- from multi-sensory experiences including sound meditation, to multi-functional pool classes, to elective nutrition and trends courses. Add-ons include chiropractic sessions with A-list doctors, next-level IV vitamin drips and optional medical diagnostics. Differing from the typical wellness retreat model, The Ranch is a highly curated, boutique experience. This allows for incredible bonding with likeminded individuals, combined with inspiring and motivating staff. The magic of The Ranch is that there are no options. No alternate classes you might have missed. No choices to be made. The all-inclusive structure of the program means following a strict agenda from morning until evening. The Ranch offers award-winning, luxury health and wellness programs designed to recalibrate the mind and body through an intense fitness regimen paired with a highly structured, plant-based nutritional diet.  

Inclusive offering and amenties - Programs 4 or 7 days 

  • Daily guided hikes
  • Afternoon strength training classes, yoga and meditation
  • Plant-based and nutritionally dense gourmet meals and snacks designed to nourish & detoxify
  • Diagnostic/medical testing
  • Daily massage for each full day
  • Evening elective nutrition and wellness discussions
  • Return airport transportation